Something Regrettable

La Porte de l"Enfer

Abandon all hope, ye who enter here.

Its been about 3 years since I have last done this, 3 years of decent recovery. I’d almost returned to the surface, but I couldn’t stand the light. So I made a choice. I never thought I’d walk this path again, I never thought that I would need to. But for the sake of my sanity, I return to my infinite descent. Today marks a momentous moment in history, for today I have done something potentially regrettable… I chose hell, and I picked up Clannad.

Clannad Full Voice visual novel cover

Clannad Box

No, I don’t mean the anime either. I mean the visual novel. You see, I haven’t played a visual novel for at least 3 years. I did, admittedly play the final story arc of Fate/Stay night about 2 years ago when Mirror-Moon finally released the Heavens Feel translation patch, but aside from that, nothing. With uni taking all my time, and people, creatures, hideous things all doting for my limited time and energy, I just haven’t found it particularly easy to continue. I need to be in a particular state of mind to go into a visual novel, something bordering lethargy, but where I cannot relapse into usual escape mechanisms of anime, gaming or manga.

Clannad Menu New Game

New Game *click*

Unfortunately, when my interest in Key works was at its greatest, the only, and I mean only visual novel available, fully translated from Key was Planetarian. i.e. That one they marketed as a kinetic novel, not even Kanon had a translation. Currently, it doesn’t look all that much better as Air got a cease and desist order and the translation for Kanon only came out a couple of years ago. When I left college, I desperately wanted to play Clannad, like you couldn’t believe. I kept on checking and checking on the status of the translation patch, but I got tired of looking at it. To this day, the unofficial translation has never been officially released, but by a stroke of miracle, and a newfound resourcefulness I didn’t have all that time ago, I found a translation and since my interest dwindled a new technology, AGTH came out. So, I choose to explore my old world more thoroughly.

You probably won’t see me in reality for a bit. When I come back from hell, I’ll probably be some kind of monster. I don’t need human interaction, no no, that is just plain distasteful. What I do need, is my daily dose of Kotomi.

On a side note, the translation patch for Little Busters seems to be coming along nicely. I hope it will be done by the time I finish Clannad and Kanon. And Rewrite, which came out recently, will probably not get a translation for a long time. Then again, these games have roughly 50 hours of gameplay stuffed in them. Maybe someone will pick it up by the time I finish everything by Key, but even if they don’t, I bet AGTH works fine.

Clannad - Kotomi Ichinose

Kotomi, It is good to see you again.

I’ll write a quick tutorial for anyone who wants to play some Visual Novel’s. It’s super easy once you know what you are doing.


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One Response to “Something Regrettable”

  1. anon Says:

    Enjoy, still considered to be key’s masterpiece, and one of the best Visual Novels out there, generally ranked second among VNs translated into English (only behind MLA), it’s a real treat.

    And yes, Kotomi is awesome.

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